A pioneer in the world, the technology developed and applied in the range of Invertone Quantum Solutions, has been scientifically proven effective and is recognized in the medical world. It focuses on the new trend of post-quantum phenomenology, whose main characteristic is to reach the field of the anti-matter of a molecule and treat its reciprocal matter (or intricate).


High precision selective technology.

Application that overcomes the limitations of space and time.


The great advantages of this novel process are the following:

  1. It acts specifically and only on a molecule or family of identical molecules, without the risk of unwanted side effects.
  2. It consists of an application installable on any Smartphone to exchange extremely light nanoscale information.
  3. It enters the future world of quantum vision in a precise way, awakening possibilities that were hitherto inconceivable. Much was said about “quantum” but only as a “concept”.
    Today, the range of Invertone Quantum Solutions is capable of achieving it.


Pioneer in capturing information exchanged between frequency material and antimatter of the subtle field of a molecule.

Healthy technology of the future, scientifically proven, already accessible.


The Sport-fx Smartphone Quantum App is the result of 30 years of research and testing in the energy field of the human being and in the magnetic-informational DNA field. In 1990, the experiments of the microbiologist, Piotr Garjajev, and the quantum physicist, Vladimir Poponin, (Moscow and New York Science Academies) led to the discovery of the non-genetic part of the DNA they called “ghost”, which is an information field that surrounds, integrates and acts directly on the molecule and represents around 93% of the total DNA.

This discovery came to confirm the results of research by the French Engineer, René Pierre Guéraçague. His research has allowed for the initiation of a sonoquantic procedure, which improves the natural magnetic-informational material of the sub-atomic molecular field (electrons, protons, neutrons), thereby solving the problem of communication between matter and anti-matter, a concept of hyper-communication that was advanced by A. Einstein.


All objects of Creation, visible or invisible, communicate permanently, completely and immediately between them, in the absence of electromagnetic waves.

The technology developed by Invertone Quantum Solutions allows you access to the “anti-matter” of a way of life to optimize — without transforming it — its tangible state in “matter.”


The field of hyper-quantum communication discovered by the physicist A. Einstein acts in its natural state of quantum “intricacy” (E.Schrödinger), whose information is not transported but rather intertwined.
This same information exists permanently in a “quantum” way, both in the Quantum Vibration App system of Sport-fx present in the Smartphone App, and in the corresponding footprint of the informational magnetic field of the person’s energy field.
This informational intercommunication remains constant in its antimatter aspect of the App and allows for the rearrangement in matter of the sub-atomic information of the molecules through its own anti-matter field.

Recognized as a new applied medical science, Invertone Quantum Solutions has been presented at international medical congresses, and its epidemiological studies on stress and acute pain have been published in indexed scientific journals.

Anesthesiology was the first field in which systematic application has been made, because of the reduction by 80% of postoperative pain and by 40% of chronic stress in hospital patients.


Immediate results, both physiological and psycho-emotional.

Powerful confidential self-assessment system.


1. Sport-fx INCREASES the benefits of physical exercise:

  1. Sport-fx technology Quantum Vibration App acts immediately, in resistance as much as in strength or muscle tone.
  2. Results, before and after the use of this technology, can be easily compared.
  3. Sport-fx‘s Smartphone Quantum App acts with no risk of side effects, as certified by the indexed publications of several epidemiological studies in the surgical field.
  4. The results are obtained almost immediately. With the same effort in training or in competition, the athlete has the feeling that he/she can readily overcome his/her natural physiological limits.
  5. The self-assessment software included in the App (“AUTOCHECK”) allows for optimal and progressive control of one’s own capabilities. This prevents risk-taking derived from the over-evaluation of one’s own physical abilities.
  6. In case of use of biochemical substances that have their own developments in the body, an absolute control of the dosage is necessary due to the risk of possible and serious side effects.

2. Sport-fx IMPROVES positive well-being by deactivating psycho-emotional stress and decreasing the risk of injury:

  1. Sport-fx’ Smartphone Quantum App system provides, without any effort or preparation, very exciting results. All the people who have had the experience, testify to its great efficiency in achieving psycho-emotional stability.
  2. This tool prevents the development of the psycho-neuro-endocrine chain generated by the negative stimuli of ordinary life, which in turn causes unavoidable and continuous damage at the physiological level
  3. In this way, the psycho-emotional stabilization is achieved by the “out-of-phase” effect of Sport-fx on negative stimuli.
  4. Therefore, it will allow the organism to have more resources to attain the desired physiological benefits.
  5. Thus, the action of Sport-fx at a psycho-emotional level provides a great amount of physical improvements, a “plus”, until today, that is unequaled.

3. Sport-fx EVALUATES the progression of physical and psycho-emotional performance with the AUTOCHECK included in the App.

Each App of the Sport-fx range contains 4 different tests, 3 of which are aimed at the physical part of the athlete, while Checkinvertone® is dedicated to the well-being of the psycho-physio-emotional group.