Characteristics of SENIOR Sport-fx

Benefits of SENIOR Sport-fx

“SENIOR Sport-FX” APP allows to enjoy a wide range of benefits for gym users in fitness, cardio and directed classes:

  1. Neuro-muscular tonification of physiological functions.
  2. Fat percentage reduction.
  3. Postural control vitalization (elasticity and muscular flexibility, balance).
  4. Musculoskeletal pain deactivation.
  5. Psycho-emotional stress management in injury prevention.
  6. Emotional self-control.


Protein synthesis improvement.

Muscle firmness increase.


Senior Sport-FX Smartphone Quantum APP is intended for users in the areas of fitness directed classes and cardiovascular activities to achieve multiple benefits.
A better synthesis of the proteins that constitute the contractile elements of the muscle is achieved, providing firmness in those methodologies of training focused to that purpose:

  1. Muscular tone, firmness and definition of the muscular system in buttocks, abdominals legs, etc.
  2. Breast firming (Cooper’s ligaments, pectoralis major, serratus major and external oblique in women).
  3. It reduces vasoconstriction, blood pressure, VO2, CO2 and lactate concentration.
  4. It balances the nervous system, limbic system and physiological functions in general.
  5. It generates vitality, increasing energy reserves and their optimisation.


It harmonizes neuro-muscular homeostasis.

It stimulates the function of the Endocrinometabolic system.


It generates a better balance of the neuro-muscular homeostasis and it dynamizes its action on the metabolic endocrine system. With Senior Sport-FX, the visible aspects of fat reduction are conspicuous on the following terms:

  1. Waist’s circumference reduction.
  2. Buttocks and hips definition improvement.
  3. Visceral and peripheral fat reduction.
  4. After effort overeating avoiding, thus eluding contrary effects to physical exercise.


Greater joint mobility.

More elasticity and muscular flexibility.


The use of Senior Sport-FX makes smooth:

  1. Greater joint mobility in their highest ranks.
  2. Increase of contractile capability and elongation on all muscles.
  3. The reflexes of the equilibrium in the spatial movement is increased thanks to a better coordination of the commands generated by the inner ear (otoliths).


Disables pain-triggering stress.

Decreases from 50% to 100% musculoskeletal pains.


These pains often come from moments of stress endured in ordinary life. For this reason, the action of Senior Sport-FX is concentrated in the psychoemotional part, deactivating the triggers and aggravating stimuli that have crystallized in different parts of the body under the form of “pains”, which are called musculoskeletal pains.
The results usually achieved come very quickly from 50% to a 100% decrease, depending on the time and location of the pains:

  1. Typical pains such as cervicals, lumbars, back, knees, and shoulders.
  2. Aches of muscles, joints and tendons.
  3. Neuralgic aches.
  4. Headaches.
  5. Digestive aches.
  6. Pain caused by muscular contractions, sprains, luxation and others.


Active injury prevention.

Fast recovery of pre-traumatic injuries.


Senior-Sport-FX promotes brain coherence, information processing speed and memory.

Stressful alterations might have inadequate psycho-emotional and behavioral consequences. In these cases, Senior Sport-FX allows:

  1. To improve peripheral care to avoid distractions and unforeseen risks.
  2. To ease the positive and psychic stress to avoid the stress of exhaustion.
  3. To inhibit the emotional reactivity caused by toxic or parasitic events.
  4. To optimize mechanical coordination and reflexes to avoid physical damage due to psychic, cognitive or emotional conflicts.
  5. To increase the activity of the right hemisphere, responsible for spatial orientation, creativity and intuition.
  6. To generate vitality, attention, perception and concentration.


Stress can also have physical consequences. In these cases, Senior Sport-FX allows:


  1. To control muscle tension.
  2. To facilitate the discharge of toxins (lactic acid, oxalates, urates…).
  3. To improve the elasticity of the contractile cells of the muscle mass.
  4. To increase the joint mobility and the elongation of the musculature.
  5. To favor a strong decrease in the risk of traumatic rupture in the muscular system and in the bone system.


Self-control of emotional reactivity.

High level of concentration, balance and mental clarity.


The control of emotional reactivity when performing physical exercise, is one of the great advantages offered by Senior Sport-FX.

  1. The deactivation of emotional reactivity in the face of negative circumstances, increases serenity and psychological faculties to promote concentration, control of fears, discernment, perception, communication, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and trust.


This allows you to focus on the NOW, more effectively and clearly.


With the use of Senior Sport-FX, a new methodology called body weight training has been tested. It consists of training with the body weight itself and without the need of extra equipment such as weights or machines. This allows to improve mobility, agility and psychomotricity, to increase cardiovascular resistance, to burn calories and to gain muscle strength. It also allows to reinforce joints, tendons and ligaments.

Related to this, since 1980, Phillip Mills started developing a set of physical activity schedules that, ten years later, began to be marketed in New Zealand as Les Mills Group Fitness programs.

His most popular program is known as Body Pump. Among its peculiarities, it emphasizes the addition of music in the exercises. Also, muscle groups are trained with the goal of increase muscular endurance through the movement of lighter weights with a high number of repetitions.

During the initiation of Sport-FX activations might occur:

1. “Vicar” effect:
The “vicar” effect is a process of detoxication on a physiological and emotional level. Symptoms are usually flu-feeling, headaches or fever. It is a natural process totally independent of a disease process.
The “vicar” effect has the peculiarity that it stops suddenly before the 72 hours since the beginning of the activation

2. Competitive Effect:
It refers to taking jointly medicines or supplements:
One or more active principles can be recognized by sport-FX as “anti-regulatory competition”, which has the consequence of stopping the arrival of the benefits of sport-FX until these active principles have been eliminated.

3. Referential effect:
Sport-FX acts over the person in physical training to improve his/her achievements, having as a reference the results obtained before the use of sport-FX. This App does not create results in the absence of physical exercises.

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Muscle definition

Muscle definition
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