The INSPIRATIONAL Coach & Partner

The Coach & Parther triggers enthusiasm, passion and spirit in each one of its participants.
These benefit from the best advice in the development of the physical field.
His/her talents improves the lives of others.
This is how the love for teaching is developed and transmitted.
He/she ensures that such tools as Sport-FX are validated in indexed medical-scientific publications
These conditions represent the basis on which the Coach & Parther Sport-FX provides safe and proven benefits to its members.


The Sport-FX Passive Smartphone Quantum APP system allows to improve the results of the same physical effort thanks to its healthy energy induction, without surpassing the optimum capabilities of each person. The results obtained by the quality of the accompaniment and by the professionalism of the Coach & Partner, are superior, in a significant way, as long as the athlete makes the necessary physical efforts.


Sport-FX helps develop partners ‘ emotional abilities.
As we all know, all sports enthusiasts have emotional motivations and are immersed on positive emotions when they improve their results, their muscle definition or their aptitudes.

They also reduce the negative consequences of stress, which helps, for example, to improve sleep, mood, to achieve fast physical recovery, training without muscle aches, etc. In addition to experiencing physio-sports improvements, members are surprised by the decrease in psycho-emotional stress. This has very positive consequences for physical performance.


This is the tool for the continuous evaluation of physio-sports and emotional progress. There is no need to verbally accompany members with the knowledge of a psychology professional. The APP acts by itself, in a quantum way, at the level of the people’s energy field, through its smartphone, even at a distance that can reach 100 meters. From the start of the activation members feel the first benefits which can be measured thanks to the permanent evaluation tool AutoCheck included in the same App. It allows members to stay up-to-date of any improvements, which lets members to measure efforts and realize the true reality of progress.
The benchmark graphs help to have an immediate vision of each parameter improved or also globally, in the physio-sports or emotional plan.
Thus, the partners can easily evaluate the interrelation of the emotional evolution that acts on the physio-sportive improvement.


The innovative advantage provided by Sport-FX to the Personal Trainer is that it allows, at the same time, to optimize the physical capacities and to complement the evolution of the psycho-emotional talents of the partners and to obtain deeper, quicker and longer lasting results:

  1. Harmony feeling, ease and fluidity in exercises.
  2. Faster recovery which enables to go to the gym without muscle aches at the beginning of each workout.
  3. Fluency and mental and emotional concentration.
  4. Stress control, with its positive consequences on the well-being of the partners.

This is a very innovative way of promoting loyalty and satisfaction to all the partners right from the start.


Only a basic knowledge of this new science is needed, which can be acquired through two Webinars, to better understand, accompany and build loyalty to the partners. Thus, the Coach & Partner can complement the information that each one of the Sport-FX users receives with the AUTOCHECK of follow-up.

For more information on the Coach & Partner Sport-FX training, contact us via Internet, in just 2 steps, and receive the Coach & Partner Sport-FX certification. The contact e-mail is: