How does Sport-FX work?

The Sport-FX technology allows to connect two vibrating fields of reciprocal resonance. When a specific person’s vibration is activated in the Smartphone, the energy field of the identified person’s DNA is echoed. The reciprocal vibration activated in the Smartphone creates the effect of “dynamization”.

Is Sport-FX a medicine?

Sport-FX is neither a medicine nor a therapy. These two treat the symptoms of the disease. Sport-FX is a propraxis that intervenes at psycho-emotional level before it manifests the discomfort and its consequences.

Does this functioning have side effects?

None. Sport-FX technology creates the vibrations inherent to a single person and therefore has no side effects, such as the active principle of a plant, which can be used by a large number of people.

Can Sport-FX produce detoxification effects in the body?

Sometimes, the “vicar” effect may occur, such as a headache or a mild, short fever. These sensations only reflect the fact that physiological detoxification is acting in a beneficial way. After a few hours or a few days, an effective improvement is suddenly realized. The “vicar” effect is stopped spontaneously, in the opposite direction of a disease that takes several days to disappear. The speed at which the disappearance of symptoms happens, marks the difference between disease and detoxification/vicariación.

Can several people benefit from different Sport-FX in the same place?

Yes. Each dynamization acts in one person and in no other.

How do I know that Sport-FX is acting?

When you open the App in the Smartphone, the process of good functioning is noticeable with the round logo Sport-FX which is in rotating motion. When this logo is stopped, activation is halted and the service is required to be extended by reactivating the subscription.

Why does Sport-FX’s Dynamization act in the human being?

Sport-FX acts at a quantum level, beyond the frequency or electromagnetic levels. Its vibration is hyperfrequency and non-verbal, nor mental or cultural. Its vibrations are recognized by the human DNA in a language perfectly understandable and coherent, unlike the “psychological” languages. They are accepted as a fact by the brain, since they do not imply the intellectual cognitive memory of the verb, even unconscious. The vibrational language is direct and without intermediary. This is why it acts effectively without interference.

Can Sport-FX Act remotely?

Yes. A sequence activated in the APP Sport-FX of the Smartphone in a particular place has an immediate impact elsewhere through the hyper-scalar harmonics able to achieve their goal instantly. In fact, it is a quantum technology that resonates reciprocally with the magnetic fields of DNA, the action area of Sport-FX.

Is the benefit of Sport-FX compatible with taking a medecine?

Yes. There is no counter-indication with the taking of medecines with the harmless, non-invasive action, and by its nature, not iatrogenic, of Sport-FX.

How to explain the functioning of Sport-FX?

1. Vibration, sound and music have always been part of humanity’s natural heritage.

2. In the psycho-emotional side, the personalized vibration acts by deactivating the development of the aggression and the negative stimuli of the daily life, as these stimuli arise.

How do Sport-FX personalized treatments work at the psycho-emotional level?

1. Each human being reacts to external stimuli (words, facts, actions, observations, feelings) transmitted by the senses. According to their character, personality, fatigue, education, culture, and needs of the moment, everyone reacts differently.

2. To stabilize recurrent or excessive emotional reactivity to certain stimuli, Sport-FX acts preventively at the level of DNA magnetic fields. This allows you to intervene at any time and put out of phase, that is to say, disable, the “negative” information that comes from the outside.

3. When a negative stimulus is present, the previously stored vibration memory puts it out of phase, or instantly disables it, before it develops in the psycho-neuro-endocrine chain with its negative consequences for human health.

Does the registration of the date of birth on the data card have any impact on the construction of the dynamization?

No. The indication of the date of birth only provides additional information in the event that a person with similar identity can differentiate from each other. In any case, “astrological” type or similar indications are used.

How to notice the psycho-emotional benefits of Sport-FX?

1. The best way is to use the AutoCheck tool available in the APP. The evolution of improvements are reflected statistically and graphically for an immediate vision.

2.-It is very important to write down the improvements during the first days or weeks, in order to realize its effect: when a person gets better, he has no reason to remember that he felt bad a few days or weeks before. Sport-FX eliminates the link to the memories of previous suffering because of its resonance action in magnetic DNA is much deeper than a superficial effect on the symptoms that tend to reappear if the causes are still present.

3.-In general, the sharp decrease in emotional reactivity (stress), of states of moral, psychological or physiological pain testify with certainty the effectiveness of Sport-FX in the psycho-emotional zone.

Why are different dynamizations programmed for each month to the same person?

All Sport-FX dynamizations follow a Gauss curve. They act for a period of about 30 days because their effect decreases quickly after this period. They follow, in fact, a cycle of circadian type, like the biological processes where the secretion of hormones goes up and down during the day, or monthly lunar cycles, etc. That’s why programming changes every month.

How to know the benefits of Sport-FX?

1. The best test of the effectiveness of Sport-FX is the experimentation that each one can realize through the App. Free tests are available in promotional periods.

2. To know its effects you can view the videos of the many testimonies of users of Sport-FX.

Is there any way to increase the power of dynamization?

Yes. The only possibility to increase the power of the Dynamizations is the continuous monthly application until the desired level of satisfaction is achieved. The results are attained since the beginning but are installed in a lasting way over time. This depends on each person, on their state of health, on their age or need, etc.

Can we expect to be effective a dynamization with the validity date expired?

No. The natural change of the personal biorhythms and their programming prevents the achievement of the dynamization effects, and after the 30-day period, no effects can be expected.

Can sports practiced with sport-FX help you to have a higher level of well-being?

Yes. Sports practiced with Sport-FX favors sleep, deactivation of musculoskeletal pain, reduction of headaches and depressive instants, among other discomforts directly linked to stress.

What to think when the dynamization apparently does not work?

1. First, you should ask yourself if, at the time of the ordering, the data that was programmed was defined and filled in correctly, that is, without errors (names, surnames, phone number of the Smartphone). From this depends the programming and the localization for its correct action for the specific person.

2. At the same time, as the customer’s potentials are improved, a slow detoxification is produced, on an emotional, mental and physiological level. Thus the energy of the body is mainly dedicated to this “cleanliness”, reducing the amount of energy available for the psycho-emotional and sporting improvements. What can happen during the start of Sport-FX activations:

  1. “Vicar” effect: This effect is a process of detoxification at physiological and emotional level. Symptoms are usually flu-feeling, headaches or fever. It is a natural process totally independent of a disease process. An effect of Vicariación has the peculiarity to stop suddenly before the 72 hours since the beginning of the activation.
  2. Competitive effect: It refers to taking medecines or supplements at the same time that Sport-FX is operating. One or more active principles can be recognized by sport-FX as “anti-regulatory competition”, which has the consequence of stopping reaching the benefits of sport-FX until these active principles have been eliminated.
  3. Referential effect: Sport-FX acts over the person in physical training to improve his/her achievements, having as a reference the results obtained before the use of sport-FX. This App does not create results in the absence of physical exercises.


Can you expect improvements without exercising?

The improvements that can be expected are necessarily linked to the intensity of sports practice. No changes without sports practice nor physical exercises.

In what percentage can the improvements be expected?

There are numerous experiences that show improvements of 20% to 100%, depending on the concept referred: strength, resistance, recovery time, reduction of pains, sporting results in competition, etc.

Does Sport-FX allow me to increase my muscular strength?

Yes. After the first 2000 users of Sport-FX were analyzed, increases in muscle strength in proportions of 10% to 100% were recorded. Bodybuilders raised weights between 10% and 20% higher. In fitness, an athlete who usually raises 15 kgs in each arm is able to lift 30 kgs.

Does Sport-FX allow me to increase my muscular endurance?

Yes. With Sport-FX there are bodybuilders who are able to increase their exercises between 20% and 30% more. Other athletes obtain a resistance that increases proportionally: more repetitions of series and prolonged efforts without muscular fatigue.

Does Sport-FX allow me to improve my cardio-vascular performance?

Yes. The relationship between the intensity of physical exertion and its corresponding cardio-vascular fatigue is improved: an elongation of efforts with less cardio-vascular activity is achieved, postponing the feeling of fatigue.

Does sport-FX help me to have a better breath and to practice more time my sport without getting tired?

Yes. Sport-FX favors the exchange of gases resulting from the inspiration and the expiration of air (expulsion of carbon dioxide CO2 and O2 dioxygen absorption) as cellular respiration which, through the degradation of glucose through dioxygen, obtains energy.

Will I have more stamina and energy in the activities of directed classes?

In directed classes, a high level of endurance and muscular energy is maintained during the class, which produces a sense of enthusiasm due to satisfactory results.

Will I avoid having muscle aches like muscular stiffness from one day to the next?

Yes. Sport-FX promotes rapid recovery of muscular fatigue, which prevents the appearance of stiffness. This also favors the possibility of re-exercising from one day to the next without this inconvenience.

If I have an injury, will Sport-FX help me recover?

In principle, Sport-FX effectively prevents the appearance of injuries. On the other hand, in case of a slight injury, the recovery will be very fast. And in case of a serious injury that requires surgical intervention, we recommend Fast-recovery of Sport-FX which will reduce the recovery and rehabilitation time in approximately 50%, as well as the improvement of quality of the recovery.

If I stop using Sport-FX, will it lower my performance?

The statistics indicate that the results obtained are related to the length of the periods of Sport-FX dynamization. Depending on the needs, athletes generally continue to benefit from the application, since they get used to a higher level of athletic satisfaction and quality of life.