The characteristics of ELITE Sport-fx

The benefits of ELITE Sport-fx

The “ELITE Sport-FX” APP allows  gym users to enjoy a wide range of benefits in fitness areas and during high performance sports sessions:

  1. Increases muscle strength and endurance.
  2. Improves ventilatory and cellular respiration.
  3. Reduces fatigue.
  4. Increases muscle and cardio recovery speed.
  5. Increases the muscular burst strength.
  6. Optimizes control and body balance.
  7. Anticipates and broadens the gestural coordination.
  8. Stimulates neuro-transmitters.
  9. Disables musculoskeletal pain.
  10. Helps prevent injury by controlling psycho-emotional stress.
  11. Facilitates self-control of emotional impulses.


More capability of muscle contraction.

Increased energy contribution.


Improves muscle contraction capability for longer periods. In continuous and prolonged exercises, it garners a greater energetic contribution to the body, provided by the lungs, heart and  blood vessels.


Faster post-effort recovery

Higher resilience after prolonged efforts.


Shortening of resting time, both in the periods of return to calm post-exertion,  and in active practice during the physical exercise itself.


Favors exchange of gases.

Favors elimination of CO2 and acidity.


Elite-Sport-FX favors the exchange of gases involved in the inspiration and expiration of air (expulsion of carbon dioxide CO2 and O2 dioxygen absorption) as it is the case in cellular respiration. In the cellular respiration energy is obtained through the degradation of glucose through dioxygen.
Thus, the improvement in the exchange of gases helps with cellular respiration, while providing more dioxygen and easing the release of carbon dioxide produced in the Krebs cycle. The regulation of breathing is guaranteed by the autonomous nervous system, which assures a synthesis of the action of the sympathetic nervous system (reduction in the amplitude and the increase of the rate of respiration) and the action of the parasympathetic system (increase of the amplitude and deceleration of the respiratory rate).
The results of Elite Sport-FX:

  1. Avoids the depressive effect on breathing.
  2. Inhibits the phenomena of decompensation in the heart and kidneys.
  3. Eliminates carbon dioxide (and therefore, acidity).


Optimizes cognitive, emotional, behavioral and decision-making performance.


Elite Sport-FX optimizes the athlete’s performance at a physical level but also at a  cognitive, emotional, behavioral and decision-making level.


More strength in less time.

Increased excitement of white fibers.


Considerable increase in strength in the shortest amount of time without losing effectiveness, since a larger number of type II (white fibers) muscle fibers are recruited in the process.


Better brain coherence.

Active injury prevention.


Elite Sport-FX favors increased brain coherence, the speed of information processing and the ability to reason correctly in extreme circumstances.

Stressful situations can have psycho-emotional as well as misbehavioral consequences. In these cases, the effect of Elite Sport-FX is:

  1. Improves peripheral care to avoid distractions and risk of injury.
  2. Promotes positive stress and prevents reaching the tipping point of stress exhaustion.
  3. Improves management of internal and external parasitic disorders.
  4. Contributes to the psychological balance to pinpoint a mechanical adjustment, adaptive or defensive thus preventing the appearance of physical manifestations of psychic, cognitive or emotional conflicts.


On the other hand, stressful alterations can have physical consequences. In these cases, the effects of Elite Sport-FX are:


  1. It limits the excess of muscle tension that prevents good coordination. In this way, it decreases the risk of injuries.
  2. It prevents the accumulation of toxins (lactic acid, oxalates, uric acid, …) during physical exercise through the revitalization of organic fluids (lymph and blood).
  3. It favors physiological self-protection against any discomfort or external disturbance.
  4. It increases, in a significant way, the elasticity of contractile cells that shape muscle mass.
  5. It increases the joint mobility in all its aspects, because it develops the contractile capability and the elongation of the muscular set.
  6.  It decreases the risk of traumatic rupture of the fibers when great efforts are performed.


Disables emotional reactivity in the face of negative stimuli.

Disables toxic thoughts.


Elite Sport-FX allows for a greater dominance and clarity of thought to deal with complicated situations, with increased efficiency. In this aspect, Elite Sport-FX:

  1. Disables emotional reactivity in the face of negative situations, increases mental balance and psycho-emotional performance. It has a decisive function in every moment of sporting life that affects concentration, discernment, perception, communication, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Sets the athlete‘s attention in the NOW. This concentration allows for a more efficient and clear decision-making and excludes toxic thoughts and feelings from his or her field of consciousness.


Better postural balance in competition.

Better regulation of reflexes.


Elite Sport-FX increases the functional capability of the organism to maintain stability in any limit and unbalanced situation (its action is developed at the level of the otoliths of the inner ear that regulates the reflexes and the postural equilibrium).


Faster decision-making.

Broader vision of possibilities.


Elite Sport-FX elicits a better response in the unconscious (subsensorial) decision making process that allows the athlete to act on a space-temporal scale (Sensomotora) with a greater scope of possibilities.


The effect of the Elite Sport-FX Quantum Vibration APP System plays an essential role in maintaining the optimal functioning of neurotransmitters.
In elite sport, it is essential to maintain a high motivation and commitment to the competition, and to assume an optimistic attitude at all times, which Elite Sport-FX supports in many ways.

  1. Constancy in the eagerness to overcome.
  2. Mental strength at all times.
  3. Constant strategic intelligence.


These effects are generated thanks to the excellent functioning of neuro-transmitters, the main ones of which are dopamine, acetylcholine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and serotonin:

DOPAMINE occurs in the frontal lobes. It is associated with beta waves (from 12 to 16 cycles/second) and acts on physical and mental energy, resulting in dynamism, reaction speed, awakened mind and intellectual acuity. The electrical pulsations of the brain are associated with dopamine. This gives the measure of the intensity with which the brain responds to a stimulus, affecting the brain’s ability to treat cognitive or physical information. It determines the metabolism and the states of consciousness (sleep or wakefulness).

ACETYLCHOLINE occurs in the parietal lobes. It is related to alpha waves (8 to 12 cycles/second) associated with creativity, originality, enthusiasm and, consequently, the functions of thought linked to the comprehension of language and the ability to concentrate attention. The speed of propagation of the electric current in the brain is determined by the measurement of acetylcholine. The speed is 60 cycles per second and a thought propagates two or three cycles per second. The speed at which electromagnetic signals are transmitted and processed determines the health and biological age of the brain. If treatment is fast, brain activity accelerates, improves memory, concentration capacity, and increases the IQ.

GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is generated in the temporal lobes (natural anxiolytic). It is associated with theta waves (from 4 to 8 cycles/second) and has an stabilizing and soothing effect. The electromagnetic functioning rhythm of the brain is associated with GABA transmitters. When this rhythm is regular and fluid, the stress of everyday life is easily handled. If the rhythm is irregular or uneven, the first signs of brain dysfunction appear as anxiety, nervousness and irritability.

SEROTONIN is turned out in the occipital lobes. It is associated with delta waves (1-4 cycles/second), which act on resilience and regeneration, and therefore, on the joy of living.

During the initiation of Sport-FX these activations might occur:

1. Vicariation effect:

The vicariation effect is a process of detoxification on a physiological and emotional level. Symptoms are usually flu-like feeling, headaches or fever. It is a natural process that is totally independent from a disease process.

The vicariation effect has the peculiarity that it suddenly stops before the 72 hours from the beginning of the activation.

2. Competitive Effect:
It refers to taking jointly medicines or supplements:
One or more active principles can be recognized by sport-FX as “anti-regulatory competition”, which has the consequence of stopping the arrival of the benefits of sport-FX until these active principles have been eliminated.

3. Referential effect:
Sport-FX acts over the person in physical training to improve his/her achievements, having as a reference the results obtained before the use of sport-FX. This App does not create results in the absence of physical exercises.

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