Each App of the Sport-fx range contains 2 types of Autocheck auto-evaluations.
The first one evaluates physical improvements, the second is dedicated to the evaluation of psycho-physical-emotional well-being, which also has physical consequences.

Monthly record of the data, showing the level of progression.

Statistical data and graphs of the results by sector and by characteristic.


In the Sport-fx App, user’s time is recorded monthly in each of the 3 static isometric tests and on the number of repetitions in the push-ups test. This allows to appreciate the statistical and graphic evolution of the improvements. Why have we chosen the static isometric in our tests?

1. Isometric exercise is a special form of muscular and joint training that does not involve movement. “Iso” means equal and “metric”, distance. We are used to move to make our muscles work, but we can exercise them, and with great intensity, in a completely static way.

2. Multiple variables, observed in the framework of physical activity and sport, when determining visible changes in sports performance through testing, are quantitative. An athlete can see how his threshold of strength and / or resistance gets reduced by over-training, by shortage of sleep, by inadequate nutrition, by excessive daily stress or by permanent emotional states. This would affect both the contractile capability of the muscles and the overall conjunctive tissue, involving obvious risks of injury. Due to the large number of variables, we prefer to choose static isometric tests.

3. The test of isometry (or of 0 repetitions), avoids requesting this contractile capability of the muscle, when exercising in a static way. This prevents taking risks of injury and forcing the body to generate a great physiological effort at the level of energy systems such as ATP, glycogen, proteins, etc.

4. The benefits of static isometric exercises are the following:

  1. Focus the effort on the muscles and maximize what is called ‘stress time’ of the muscles, which is related to strength gains.
  2. Allow to strengthen the muscles around an injury. Isometric exercises are highly valued by physiotherapists in the rehabilitation phases.
  3. Help compensate muscle atrophy, activating it little by little, without forcing it too much. If, for example, you have problems in a knee, an isometric squat exercise allows you to strengthen the muscles of the leg without forcing the joint with constant contractions and extensions.
  4. They contribute to hypertrophy or increase in volume. Several studies show increases between 5 and 12% in muscle strength and the strength of the ligaments or tendons that increase their elasticity.


3 AUTOCHECKS of static chest, shoulder and leg isometry.

1 AUTOCHECK of repetitive push-ups on the ground.

This duration test without movement allows to measure and to work out the fatigue to the static effort, in the group of muscles of the pectoral, triceps and shoulder.

This test allows to measure and work out the fatigue to the static effort in the musculature of the shoulder, especially the lateral deltoid. At home, the weights can be replaced by water bottles.

This test allows to measure the fatigue to the static effort in the whole of the lower train, especially the quadriceps.

This test allows to measure and work out the fatigue to the dynamic effort of the pectoral muscles, anterior deltoid and the triceps, counting the number of repetitions.


AUTOCHECK 3 minute run for answering 24 questions.

Statistical results and immediate graphs by sector or characteristic.

Visible improvements in psycho-emotional fields.


Consists of a system of self-assessment in only 24 questions about well-being that allow us to obtain psycho-emotional conclusions with consequences at the physical level. This determines the improvements obtained, always with immediately available results. Its peculiarities are the following:

1. Every 3 weeks, the Checkinvertone test of 24 easy-to-answer questions can be run, with values from 1 to 5 for each question. It allows obtaining an exact assessment of the improvements achieved since the beginning of the subscription, as general well-being is concerned.

2. The question system is very original, so that each person, without knowledge of “technical” concepts, can answer with precision. In fact, they include questions that refer directly to physical fields. Other questions that appear with terms from the “psycho-emotional” area have analytical interpretations. This allows the system to give very precise conclusions to better realize their own evolution.

3. Sport-fx allows to reduce dramatically the discomfort due to stress: insomnia, pain, digestion, palpitations, etc. These improvements can be perceived immediately up to a period of several months, according to the people.
Confidentiality is Guaranteed: All questions, results and statistics of the App have been made in accordance with the laws in force in each country, which prevents any indiscretion of outsiders. In addition, the App has a user code and password that guarantees its inviolability.

4. The questions are easy to understand and answer with values from 1 to 5, depending on the perceived intensity. Here some statements are shown as examples:

  1. I feel tense: indicate the value from 1 to 5.
  2. I feel a knot in my stomach.
  3. I worry too much.
  4. I get angry for no reason.
  5. I lack enthusiasm.
  6. I have a repetitive behavior.
  7. It’s hard for me to concentrate, etc.

During the initiation of Sport-FX activations might occur:

1. “Vicar” effect:
The “vicar” effect is a process of detoxication on a physiological and emotional level. Symptoms are usually flu-feeling, headaches or fever. It is a natural process totally independent of a disease process.
The “vicar” effect has the peculiarity that it stops suddenly before the 72 hours since the beginning of the activation

2. Competitive Effect:
It refers to taking jointly medicines or supplements:
One or more active principles can be recognized by sport-FX as “anti-regulatory competition”, which has the consequence of stopping the arrival of the benefits of sport-FX until these active principles have been eliminated.

3. Referential effect:
Sport-FX acts over the person in physical training to improve his/her achievements, having as a reference the results obtained before the use of sport-FX. This App does not create results in the absence of physical exercises.